Who's in Charge- Free!


This is a 23-page workbook that leads kids to understand the character of God. It includes:

  • Illustrations
  • Explanations
  • Scripture
  • Space for Answers
  • Puzzles
  • Review and Beyond


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What People Are Saying:

I needed an easy to read text which would help me to teach sound doctrine based on God’s Word. Your book was just right for us! The lessons in the book were challenging and the concepts were all presented with printed Bible verses, a real time saver. Thank you for preparing this wonderful study.

Carolyn Trotter Sunday School Superintendent Pleasant Valley Baptist Church, CA

(This is a testimonial about the entire book from which "Who's in Charge" is a part.) This is a wonderful resource! I have never seen anything like it. As an important act of Christian obedience, baptism should be entered into with understanding and training. This book will help parents, and those who minister to children, not only to examine baptism, but to take advantage of the event of baptism to teach many foundational biblical truths. It accomplishes all of this in ways that are fun and interesting to children.

Dan Pryor Former U. S. Field Director- Here’s Life Inner City (a ministry of Campus Crusade for Christ)

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