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Do your kinds know these 9 things about the character of God? Who's In Charge? is a 27 page pdf booklet with questions and answers that you can use in the classroom or at home. This book will move your kids closer to a relationship with God as they understand who He is. 

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What will you find here?

Something for Kids

We have picture books, coloring books, workbooks and more for kids to help them grow closer to God and know Him better!

Something for Teachers and Ministry Workers

Classroom aids for teachers and ministry workers that help you teach your kids the accurate Word of God.

Something for Parents

Parents can train their kids at home and provide fun and educational activities. You can know that your kids will be receiving sound doctrine.

Preparing Your Kids for Eternity- one hour at a time

Teach kids what matters in a way that matters to them!

Are you a parent who needs guidance and someone who will walk with them through the pains and joys of parenting? Click here to learn more.