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To The Rescue Picture Book

Bible Rescue is one of the most important themes in the Bible. “To the Rescue” portrays God’s rescue of His children from the first to last book of the Bible. This 24-page picture book is written by Laurie Donahue and illustrated by Ed Olson. The text has large print and loose rhyme and the illustrations are bold and strong. Included are 8 Bible rescue vignettes, including our rescue. The stories are about the following Bible Characters:

And Shadrack, Meshak, and Abednego,
Daniel and,
Paul and Silas,
and us.

Time Line
“To the Rescue” begins with the Bible references of where the Bible Rescue stories can be found. Also, there is a timeline of thumbnail illustrations of the characters, in order of appearance.

“With clever illustrations and even wittier words, to the rescue is a book adults will love reading to the children in their lives. What a great way to peek a child’s interest in stories of the Bible which highlight God as rescuer and deliver… I happily recommend this unique publication to every parent who wishes to instill in his child and a lower for the word of God!”

– Joni Eareckson Tada, Joni and Friends International Disability Center


Laurie Donahue is an author, speaker and mentor of children’s ministry leaders, teachers and parents. She helps children’s leaders and parents invest themselves in training of children in biblical Truth.

She focuses on “teaching kids what really matters in a way that matters to them.” She helps teachers, parents and children’s leaders teach accurately, completely and appropriately.

She has written books that help accomplish these same goals. The best selling is God… Should I Be Baptized? which has sold over 40,000 copies.

Go to her blog where she posts relevant content for your personal life and ministry. If you are leader of children–or aspire to be–then this blog is for you. You can find her at

She and her husband have traveled on international medical trips together to Uganda, Indonesia, Guatemala, and Mexico.

Ed Olson is an animation artist, director and illustrator. He has worked in feature, television and game animation. He has worked for Disney Feature and Televison Animation,and Disney Interactive. He has also worked with Warner Bros., Hanna-Barbera, Sony and Sega.