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Mr. Blue- A Job For You

With 5 amazing bonuses! Have you been sitting on the sidelines long enough? Are you ready to jump in and see what God has had planned for you since before you were born (before the foundation of the world)? Do you want a fun resource to read and discover (all over again) how God wants to use you in a unique way? 

Mr. Blue is picture book of a modern day parable, helpful to God's child of any age to see that God has prepared different and important things for each of us to do. Reading it provides encouragement to jump in and see what God has planned for YOU! Mr. Blue is based on Ephesians 2:8-10 and also illustrates that if we don't jump in and do what God has created us for, we hurt others around us who need us as well!

And don't forget the great bonuses you will receive with this offer! :)