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God Should I Be Baptized? books- 10 copies

What is more important than the spiritual training of your children?
Do you have the Scriptures they need at your fingertips?

Over 45,000 copies of God Should I Be Baptized? have been sold since 1995 and continues to be popular because of its strong biblical content. The original illustrated workbook curriculum guides steps in child baptism toward a relationship with God and prepares him or her for believer’s baptism. It is newly revised, however it’s the same great book, but a different size. The new format is easier to handle and sits nicely on a shelf!

God Should I Be Baptized? is written by Laurie Donahue and Ralph Rittenhouse and has served children’s ministry leaders and parents of children for 20 years.

“God… Should I Be Baptized” is:

  • 4 Dynamic sessions!
  • 96 pages
  • 7.5 x 9.25 workbook style
  • keepsake manual
  • for 8-12 year old students

It thoroughly covers the steps to a relationship with God and the basics of discipleship and prepares the student for a believer’s water child baptism through research into Scripture. This book is suited for individual use or classroom setting.